An architect whose design is applied for furnitures, architecture but also jewels. Not being detached from its profile closely legacy to the architecture and the contained forms in it, she decides to undertake a new project “the design of the jewel”, topic closely correlated with the architecture, being manifestation of creativity and handicraft. A collection mostly handmade that it previews new materials and highly innovative techniques, which the worked clay by hand and a thin and bidimensional plastic that through a manual manipulation it assumes of the three-dimensional characteristics and a lightness. The form of the matter creates the jewel, whose preciousness resides in the plan, expression of pure creativity; every piece hides a meaning in itself, a sign that in its variety could translate itself in form. Moreover, always for its passion for the art, it adds the creation of jewels that scale reduced reproduce works of contemporary art, like for example the “Mirrors by Moza”, installations of a contemporary artist of City of Mexico, that they become icon of its brand: “ Nani & Co”.



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